Sunday, 8 June 2014

A total mish mash of the week's events!!

On Thursday, I became the mother of 2 teenagers!  How that happened I have no idea.  It doesn't seem 5 minutes since they were both born.  The birthday boy had us all up bright and early so he could open his presents, the main one being a keyboard. I have to say that the One Republic tune he has been learning at school sounds pretty good. Excuse the mess on the window sill.  We have been sorting out lego for the last few weeks.

Luke didn't want to have a birthday party but did ask if he could be allowed a Choccywoccydoodah cake. Here it is in all its glory!  I have to say it's nice but not as nice as the ones the kids have made this year.  The thick layer of chocolate is quite tasty too!

On to stitching news!

Yesterday, I finished StitchersAnon's 'Every stitch is from the heart'.  It is stitched on Sparklies 'Spring Greens' 28ct something or other.  I can see this as a cube finish with some green shamrock backing fabric and emerald green ribbons. I loved stitching this as I thought of Gaynor and her girls on their stitching retreat.  I have already signed up for next year's stitching retreat and have my passport forms ready to fill in!!!

I also finished my first Crazy January Challenge piece too.  It turned out really cute and I turned one of the little reindeer into a Rudolph.  I stitched it on white so had to change the colour of the reindeer but think it looks ok.  Oh and there should have been a heart on top of the tree but I changed it for a star. 

I made a little progress on 'Oh Christmas Tree' but there is only so long that I can stitch one colour for before getting bored and moving on to something else.

Very quickly, look who was in our garden this morning!  Soaking up the sun on our potatoes.

Now if you have got this far (well done!), I have a dilemma for you.  I have joined a facebook SAL and need a fabric.  Originally I saw the 2nd piece of fabric (Polstitches, Cosmos) and thought it was the perfect piece - except it is too small and would have to be done over 1.  As Jo pointed it out, it would lose bling and beads if I did that. However, I could always order a bigger piece of that!  I then chose a piece of Permin aida in Almond which would be plenty big enough  - but is that boring?  So I had another look and found a piece of Zweigart lugana 'Lavender' but again that would be over one or finally there is a SMF 'Summer Twilight' that might work but is again only big enough for over one.  Arrrrgggghhhhh!  What do I do?


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I think the Stitching Gods are pushing you towards over 1.

I'm a long way off the two teenagers point as yet, little one isn't even in double figures yet! Love the cake though.

Linda said...

Congrats on the great finishes Sharon. I love all the fabric, tough decision. Happy Birthday to Luke.


KimM said...

What lovely finishes. Adorable!

Anne said...

Happy birthday to your teen boy Luke! Love your progress on your WIP's. Good luck with the fabric choice...I'm the worst when it comes to choosing fabric. They all look good but you do need a piece that's big enough for the design.

Annette-California said...

Okay I want some of Luke's incredible birthday cake lol. Talk about a mile high cake....Happy Birthday to Luke! I have to tell you that after reading the Harry Potter books - we too (in this house) have the birthday person open their gifts on the morning of their B-Day! Too FUN!LOL I just got your comment on and here I am typing on your blog LOL! Love all your finishes too!
love Annette

blue star stitcher said...

Luke's cake did look delicious. I think maybe the Aida would be a good choice if you get to keep the "bling", why go to the trouble of over one if you lose all the sparkle?

Donna G. said...

That cake looks wonderfully delicious!