Sunday, 20 April 2014


I didn't actually work on any of my WIPocalypse WIP's this month with studying.  I have until May 22nd to do my final assignment and then hopefully I will have completed my degree.  Then stitching in earnest can begin!!!

WIPocalypse 'challenge' for this month was to show our stitching stash storage...grab a cuppa.  I think this will show why I need a craft room all of my very own :)

First up we have 2 plastic drawer units.  On the left there is one drawer for small cuts of fabric, one for charts and a drawer of oddments.  The right hand one has a space where my WIP drawer should be, one for kits and 2 drawers of odds and sods.  The top of this one lifts and has a shallow tray where I store needles, threaders, kreiniks and other bits and bobs.

On top of those units are a couple of small bits.  First is my collection of Six Stranded Sweets which needs the ones I received putting on bobbins

Then there is a box of random threads and silks which I have accumulated by exchanges and 'oooh, that looks nice' type shopping!

There is a small unit with CC, WDW and GAST in it, again with random threads in the bottom drawer.

I have a tub with all my backing fabrics in.  I need a bigger one!

Some smaller boxes with ribbons and other trims for making up finishes.

This is my spare bag of DMC. In the bag there are more bags with the floss separated into bags by each 100.

Then there is another tub with larger cuts of fabric in.

 10 boxes with stitch bows in for every colour of DMC apart from the latest colours.

Bead storage definitely needs improving!

WIP box with som of my WIP's in.  The ones I am working on this year are downstairs in the lounge on a bookshelf.

So there you have it!  


Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow! Look at all that stash!!!

CalamityJr said...

You are so organized! You prove that a stitcher doesn't have to have a dedicated craft room - kudos.

Brigitte said...

Wow, this is really organized. It' s always good to know where everything is.Searching for things that you need for a project means losing precious stitching time. I speak out of experience, lol.

Linda said...

Your stash looks organized to me Sharon.


Anonymous said...

great stash ♥

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Nice stash! I think it needs someone to come and rummage through it though!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

BTW Calamity Jr is wrong!! Every stitchers needs a dedicated craft room and I will not cease my campaign until I get one LOL

Shirlee said...

Very nice organizing!

Katie said...

Great organization.

CathieJ said...

I have a lot of those plastic boxes also. Yup you need a craft room because you have quite a big stash but you are doing fine. I have a large empty nest house and my stash is in a nook in the basement.

Jan Jones said...

Wow! Look at all that stash. I'm with you - we could both use a craft room to store all our stuff.