Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Advice needed (part 1)

I need advice please...bet you didn't guess that one, did you?  No clue whatsoever in the title!

I want to organise my stitching, stash etc etc a bit lot better than it is now.  I have downloaded an app for sorting all my threads out. It's called Cross Stitch Thread Companion and seems to do all I need it to although it does have some annoying adverts on it.  I don't know if I buy the 'pro' version if that will just get rid of the ads or if I would need to enter all my threads again.  I need to investigate that.

Then I want 'something' to catalogue my fabric, charts and kits...but what?  Any ideas?  Also I want to record the stitching journey of a piece which is something I don't do at the moment.  In fact when I was looking through my finishes there was only one piece that I could categorically tell you what the fabric was. So again any top tips on how to do this effectively would be very welcome.  So far, I have bought 2 notebooks which is as far as I have got.  I don't know whether to go for paper copy or spreadsheets or something else.  The thread app on my phone seems good and will be handy if I need to replace threads as long as I keep it updated.

So please, please, please share your record keeping with me and help me get organised!


Miss Lilly said...

I have the Cross Stitch Guild app (cost about £5). You can record your threads, fabric, kits and books/charts. You can also list your UFO's and it has a thread and stitch converter as well as a stitch library. It's quite handy (and there are no ads) :)

I find it easier to keep track of things using an app or something similar as everything is all in the one place and I can access the info wherever I am. I hope you find something that works for you :)

I am thinking of starting a stitching journal (using a scrapbook or something similar) to keep a record of my work. I think it will be nice to look back through in the future :)

Rhona said...

Sorry I can't help....I'm hopelessly unorganized!!! :)

Katy said...

I semi-use my blog for that. I keep track of all of my fabric stash and WIP's on my blog, plus I also have a link to my pinterest board where I keep track of my patterns that aren't in magazines that I have in my stash. It's not perfect, but it's working for now!

Annette-California said...

Well now you got me thinking:) I have the whole set of DMC and I keep them on card bobbins in order by Number. I have them all in containers. For your linens: I've seen where someone had a binder. She used a swatch of linen (in her stash or scraps) and placed swatches of the linens in a baseball card protector sheet & they were labeled the count and color and maker of the linen. SO with that in mind you could also have a sheet if front of the baseball proteror sheets and keep a list of the sizes you have for each linen. And when you want to shop in the future for a new project - having the swatches in person will help you decide on what colored linen or fabric to use. NOW I need to do this. Also a stitching diary would solve you wanting to keep a record of your stitching journey's. It's so fun to hear others opinions and I am going to check back and see what others suggest. This is FUN!!!
love Annette

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

KISS - keep it simple, silly.

It's ok to have an app and an all singing all dancing spread sheet but are you going to keep them up to date? How many times have you made a lovely list and then not added things to it so it's a snapshot of one moment in time not an ongoing record?

I find my stitching diary is the easiest way to keep track of things like starts and fabrics used. It live on the side of the sofa with a pen attached so it's easy to find.

I used to have a print out of the DMC so I could highlight each new colour but now I have them all I dint need it. I just buy as and when I use one up.

Fabric I have sorted into bags by count. If I start a new design I just get the relevant bag out and look through it. A list won't help unless you can remember exactly what shade of beige every neutral coloured fabric is! The difference between vintage grain and light taupe? Not a chance unless they are there in front of me!

Tina said...

What a great post!! I would love to hear other ppls comments as well. The only thing I do to organize is my blog so far....and I just started that this year. I can't wait to learn more from others!

SoCal Debbie said...

Good question! I'm looking forward to reading everyone's suggestions. I have all my DMC floss in baggies in numerical order in photo storage boxes. Each WIP is kitted up with the floss it needs in separate gallon size Ziploc bags. I have a numerical floss list on one piece of paper where I write the name of the project next to each DMC number so I know what is where, in case I need to steal a skein from one project for another. Doesn't seem very organized.

I also put labels on all my blog posts so I can click the name of a project and see every time that I mentioned it so I have a history that way.

I have a spreadsheet with a list of my fabric but it's all in one box even though I bought a plastic storage cabinet with separate drawers to separate my fabric by count size, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

Adrienne said...

I use my blog as a way to record important info about my projects … I record fabric count and colour, floss choices, and start and finish dates.

I also have a multi-sheet spreadsheet that I track all of my DMC floss, silks, ongoing projects, patterns, and fabric. I try to keep all my stitchy stuff in one place, so I can easily look through it if I need to. Sometimes I just look through it for fun. Often when I can't sleep or I am too tired to stitch but need some cheering up.

Lesleyanne said...

Sorry can't help at all. I have no system whatsoever. Great question though.

Marlene Jones said...

I have a simple way to ensure if I run out of threads, when I wrap the thread on cards, I use the little sleeve from the thread lay it next to the card and cover with thread. When you come to the end of the thread, pop the sleeve with the number on in your purse. Next time out are shopping you will know what to purchase. With keeping all the details of your stitching and the ,arterial, I always add details on my blog and each blogs put the name of my stitching, I can then look up the stitching journey for each project. I have a apt on my phone will all my lolours on, which does help when I am out shopping.

Sheila said...

I purchased a monthly planner, and I can jot down when I start a piece and what it is and then when it is finished. Then in the back of it I have a page marked for finishes for the year. Other than that, sorry i"'m not much help.

Brita said...

Anchor threads are kept on bobbins in boxes, at least those I have. I usually use them for cards so it doesn't matter much if one's missing.
DMC threads have been newly organized into small floss bags and live in fabric-covered boxes. See my blog post http://blog.kreuzstichecke.de/?p=1421.
Fabric lives in a cupboard, divided by aida, evenweave, linen. Many now have a sticker saying what they are. A few more live in the other boxes on the shelves. Those are specialty fabrics like glod-flecked aida or a few Polstitches fabrics.
A list of kits is kept in a folder on my computer by simply placing a picture of the design into the folder and name them by designer and name of kit. When done the picture gets moved to another folder/deleted.
Charts are put away in ring binders under their themes. This isn't perfect but mostly I know where to find what.
Stitching Journey? - nope. I keep a spreadsheet for stitching times and keep it up to date religiously but nothing else. The same could be done with free task apps but I prefer Excel.

Linda said...

Hi Sharon. I have all my kits and charts listed on binder paper in a binder by designer. I have plastic tubs with each designers charts or kits in them.

I have a notebook with the DMC floss numbers and keep track of my extra skeins that way.


Lindsay said...

I use a £1 dairy to keep track of my starts and finishes and I list the supplies used in it as well. I also have a an A4 book that lists all my PHD's and a condensed version of the start/finish list helps me keep track of how many I have.

My spare DMC are in 2 of those drawers you get for DIY stuff and the 'in use' ones are on bobbins in boxes and when I take one out for a project I use a post it on the inside of the lid with the number and the project it's gone to.

Fabric isn't organised at all I just look for something that works when I started something new

Valentina said...

Thank you for writing about the Cross stitch thread companion app, I didn't know it and now that I'm using it I find it really helpful. Thanks a lot.