Thursday, 22 August 2013

Treasure Trail - Halkyn Mountain woods and hillforts

Today we are shattered and intend to have a pyjama day.

On Monday we (that is Rachael, Luke and me) spend 2 hours up the allotment weeding and digging up potatoes.  I had some achy muscles!  Yesterday, we went on a Treasure Trail up Halkyn Mountain.  Whilst it was a lot of fun, my geography is not good and some of the clues we struggled to find.  Thankfully, the locals are VERY friendly and pointed us in the right direction.  One clue was about a mile away from the previous one and we decided we must have gone wrong and retraced our steps.  After speaking to a couple of lovely local men we found we had been right and the steep hill we had just walked up, we had to walk down again - and then back up!

This is the view from outside one of the clues - gorgeous!

A lovely little lane that we walked down (and up, and down again!) 

We had to find a church and walked down the hill, back up and back down - before walking back up again. Interestingly, we had to find the words carved into the gate 'They that sow tears shall reap in joy'.  This was quite meaningful for us by then as we were ready for sowing tears and by the time we found the church we definitely 'reaped joy'.  

It was a very pretty church as you can see in the next photo.  This was taken down a side road where you could actually see the church as you approached.

I'm not normally one for postboxes but this one which was one of the clues was quite pretty I thought.  I loved the tiling design on the front which I hadn't seen before.

So all in all we had a great day out.  The trail that should have taken around 3 hours and 3 miles took about 4.5 hours and 7 miles!


Shirlee said...

What a lovely place to take a walk! I really enjoyed seeing the photos, including the one of the post box! I have always had a love of interesting post boxes : ) I can well imagine your aching muscle after spending 2 hours weeding & digging potatoes but how great to have fresh potatoes to eat. Looks like a great day of memories : )

Julie said...

Never been on Treasure Trail looks like it was fun.Nice pics thanks for sharing.

Linda said...

Oh my. That tired me out just reading it. lol Sure sounds like a lot of fun.


Brigitte said...

There must have been a lot to see and to admire on the Treasure Trail. I love this kind of walks very much. Thanks for sharing the great pictures.

Cleejoow said...

If you like treasure hunting you should check out Treasures hidden all over the world. You have "multi-caches" and those normally are a walk with clues you need to find to get to your end location

ricketyjo said...

Sometimes those are the funnest type of days where you get a little lost and find things you weren't expecting to see... and I suppose you can feel good because of all the exercise you've had! Lovely photos :)

Mii Stitch said...

Lovely post, fun & plenty of exercise!! Will be thinking of you next week: off to the crocky trail for a day :D

Anne said...

Such a cool idea! I would love to do a Treasure Trail. Sounds like you earned your pajama day!

Meari said...

Beautiful places :)