Saturday, 1 December 2012

MIA - back again!

Gosh, what a long time since I have blogged!  Well I managed 15 days of NaBloPoMo which is much better than my paltry 3 last year!

Hard to see in this pic but Luke's nose is very swollen
and bruised.  He has been a real star about it though!
The last couple of weeks have not been good health wise in our house which is why I haven't blogged or stitched much.  A quick run down is 2 bouts of tonsilitis for me with 2 different courses of antibiotics of which I am still taking the second lot.  A quick question - when you have a throat that feels like someone has shoved a couple of golf balls down it, why do doctor's insist on giving you the biggest tablets they know how to prescribe?  Colin has had some mystery bug that actually caused him to have a day off work and to admit that he shouldn't have gone in the next day either.  Rachael has had a bad cold and injured her back - not together!  Poor Luke found out today that football boot + header = broken nose.  The poor lad currently looks like he went 10 rounds with Mike Tyson!  The hospital said it is too swollen to tell if it is broken and to come back in 10 days when the swelling goes down if it looks mis-shapen.  We are keeping him dosed up with Calpol and Calprofen so it doesn't hurt too much at the moment. So all in all it's not been great although thankfully everything is minor in the grand scheme of things :)

On to stitching news...

I signed up for the Santa's Village autoship from The Patchwork Rabbit.  Karla was really pleasant to deal with and I got the first installment this morning.  It looks even cuter in real life and I will be sorting out some fabric for it later.  Once I finish Nicola's 'thing' (not giving anything away!!), I will stitch the first part.

The first installment of Santa's Village!!!
In terms of actual stitching I have worked on an exchange piece which is winging its way 'somewhere' in the world, so I can't show that.  I am working on Nicola's 'thing' so can't show that either.  I have worked a few stitches on a RR which is shown below and a little of Confetti of Hardanger which hasn't seen enough progress to make it worth a photo - 3 more eyelets, that's all.  There is a little progress on ATW but again not a lot. Cinderella got a little progress too.

RR stitching
ATW - part 5 completed
ATW - so far
The other night Biskey and Smudge were curled up on the sofa.  So cute...

Biskey and Smudge....awww
Smudge is black and white


Nicola said...

I am very excited about the "thing".

Tonsillitis is very debilitating, bless you. Hope you and the rest of the family feel better soon.

Minnie said...

I hope everybody in your house recovers soon. ATW looks great.

Melinda said...

Fingers Crossed you and yours are feeling better soon.
Your Around the World is beautiful

Mii Stitch said...

Hope you all get better in time for the Festivities! And also hope your son hasn't got a broken nose!! Mine plays rugby, I must admit I'm dreading the day we will have to take a trip to A&E!! Love ATW design, you've done some good progress. New Christmassy template is so sweet, Mii xx

Shirlee said...

Praying that everyone is back to good health soon! Your stitching is beautiful. Love the cats : )

Rhona said...

Hope you are all feeling better soon. Your stitching is beautiful and your cats are just too cute!

Faith... said...

Hoping that everyone in your house is on the road to recovery!

ATW is beautiful!

Linda said...

Oh my Sharon. Sure hope everybody is on the mend and gets it out of their system this year and everybody will be healthy next year. Great stitching progress and I love the pic of your furbabies.


Caitlin Jordan said...

Oh no! doesn't sound like a fun couple of weeks! lovely stitching.