Saturday, 7 January 2012

Tiny Treasured Diamond

I've just realised that in my last post I didn't add a photo of the Christmas present Rachael sent me.  It's really cute.  Obviously she has very good taste in stitching stash!!
Tiny Treasured Diamond
Mill Hill
Tiny Treasured Diamond
Mill Hill
 I have just finished the bottom middle page of the Cut Thru Garden Shed.  As the last 2 pages are both half pages, I am going to work on both of them at once.  I have a bit of the backstitching done but will save the rest until I have finished the stitching now.

Having joined WIPocalypse, I am now going through all the blogs and have discovered some lovely new ones that I've never found before.  So not only will I get all my WIPs finished this year (yeah right!) but will also have new blogs to read too.  

Happy stitching!


Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore said...


I am so glad that you found my blog, I am looking forward to following yours.

I will be announcing details of a giveaway tomorrow for my followers.

Nicola xxx

Meari said...

Cute fob from Rachel!

Mangogirl said...

Gorgeous ornament.

Joysze said...

That's darling. :D