Friday, 4 November 2011

I'm eyeing up something...

...what should I do??

I really like Chatelaine designs but I've never stitched one.  There's a new one starting soon - Deep Blue Sea.  Now Colin has said I can if I want to but I can't decide.  I wonder if I would be able to keep up with the parts as they come out or would it end up being an expensive UFO?  Is anybody else signed/signing up for this yet?  Decisions, decisions.

I've been doing a paediatric first aid course today, day one of a two day course.  I wasn't really expecting to have to put it into practice quite so quickly though.  Luke came home from football training tonight with a lovely gash on his knee.  First aid at school looks to have been minimal so I had to clean it up properly and steristrip it together.  Honestly though, the way he is hobbling you would think his leg was in danger of dropping off!

Tomorrow I am planning on getting some pics of my WIP's and updating my page so perhaps there will be something to look at for a change!


Rachel said...

I am also going to be stitching Deep Blue Sea. I make it a less expensive project by using DMC in place of the silks. I have done this with my Chinese Garden Mandala, and think it looks pretty great.

I wouldn't worry about keeping up. I have kept up until last month, falling a little behind due to holiday stitching, but it shouldn't take too long to catch up. I think it's easier to keep up because you can have a break in between the release of new parts.

I hope you decide to join the class!

I look forward to seeing your WIPs!


Xeihua (Sara) said...

I'm also planning to join the Deep Blue Sea, and if I do it will also be my first ever Chatelaine, so we can both cheer each other with Rachel to help us and guide us :D

Joysze said...

A few friends of mine will be stitching Deep Blue Sea (Rachel and Sara) being 2 of them) and I know they're all excited about it.

I agree with Rachel. Don't stress about keeping up, but instead enjoy the journey. I'm 2 parts behind on my Spring Knotgarden, but I know I'll get back to it and when I do, I'll have fun with it. :)

Since you haven't stitched a Chat before... how about stitching one of Martina's freebies? This will give you an idea about what her designs will entail. :)