Sunday, 20 July 2008

First home grown potatoes

Today we have had our first ever home grown potatoes! They were the tastiest potatoes I have had in years. We had roast chicken and tossed the potatoes in a little butter.........mmmm. The children helped Colin to dig up the potatoes this morning and seemed to really enjoy themselves doing it. Colin weighed the potatoes at 2.4kg. Luckily we still have another tub to dig up in a couple of weeks.

We have been eating peas straight from the pods for the last couple of weeks so there weren't enough of them to have with dinner and the carrots are a bit late and are not ready yet. The strawberries have been good and the children have enjoyed picking them straight off the plant and eating them.

I went back to Weightwatchers this week and was glad that I got back there before I put it all back on again. I was a bit upset that I have put on most of what I lost last time but will try to lose it all again! I have put a ticker for my weight loss journey at the very bottom of my blog.

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