Saturday, 26 July 2008

A finish and update

I have finished another one of the Bent Creek Snappers - December. I am now half way through stitching the series. I had to order a couple of threads for the rest of the designs but now the kids have broken up from school I should be able to get the rest of these finished fairly quickly now. I want to finish this as a wall hanging and am thinking about making my own bellpull ends as I can't find anything I really like.

I have also completed Part 6 of How does your Garden grow? but I decided not to bead it yet as part 7 and 8 are both filling in the gaps of part 5 and 6. I thought it may be easier without the beads in the way. I am really enjoying seeing how this is stitching up.

Luke painted a pot a while back and planted a sunflower seed as part of his Beaver scout activities. Yesterday was the final meeting before the summer holiday so we were going to take his sunflower in to show towards his badge. However it was too big to carry so we took a photo of him and it and took that instead. There is a photo of it below.

It won't be long before it is taller than he is!!
Luke was also awarded 4 badges at Beavers last night. He got his Creative, Experiment, Healthy Eating and Imagination badges. Not a bad haul as he hasn't been going to Beavers that long really.

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