Sunday, 4 May 2008

Tea tonight

Tea tonight was made by Rachael and Luke. They made sausage rolls from skinless sausages and shortcrust pastry. They were really scrummy. They also made more pizzas but also some for me and their dad which we also had for tea. There was a little bit of pastry left over so we got 6 jam tarts out of it as well.

Here is progress on "How does your garden grow" after one day of stitching. As I have never stitched some of the speciality stitches before, it is proving a bit of a challenge. I love the colours that I have chosen for this one. I hope to stitch at least 2 parts this month. I wish I had seen this one when it first came out.

The second part of this looks like it should be a speedy stitch so that should help.

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