Sunday, 4 May 2008

Rachael's pump

So far Rachael's pump has been going well. We have managed to do the set changes each time with no problems. We have discovered that it is easier to remove the old set when she is in the bath and soak off the adhesive. Unfortunately we have ran out of saline so Rachael is disconnected from her pump until Tuesday when we go live with insulin. It's hard to imagine not having to give Rachael injections much anymore. I worked out the other day that she has approximately 1500 injections a year and even more finger pricks to test her blood sugars. It's really scary when you think about things like that! We have received all the other pump pouches and luckily Rachael was pleased with them all. She now has one with dogs on, a Winnie the Pooh one, a purple camoflage one and a wispy purple one. At least she can have a bit of choice now with which one she wears. They all seem to be well made so I would recommend all 3 companies that we bought them from. If you want details, just ask.
I made a start with "How does your Garden Grow" tonight. This is a mystery stitch by Papillon Creations. Currently 4 out of 13 parts have been released so I am a little behind. Some of the parts are quite small so I should hopefully be able to catch up more or less by the time part 5 is released.

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