Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Part 1 finished

I have finished part 1 of 'How does your garden grow?' It looks amazing! I hummed and hahed over whether to add the beads now or at the end like I normally would. In the end I decided to bead as I went along. Here is a pic of it with all of part 1 done. Hopefully I can do most of part 2 tonight after I have done some of the ironing.

Rachael went live today with insulin in her pump instead of saline. It is great to be able to give her little corrections to stop her going to high where necessary rather than leaving it so she doesn't end up with an injection for 1 unit. There will be a lot of fine tuning to do over the next few weeks but hopefully it should give her much more freedom both with what she eats and keeping her sugar levels within range. This in turn should stop her from going from feeling great to rough and swinging wildly with the highs and lows!

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