Thursday, 29 May 2008

Luke's birthday or rather his present day

Today is what we call Luke's present day. This is because his birthday falls when we are away on our hols and as we can't take all his pressies with us we just take his small ones so he has a few things to open. He was thrilled with all his bigger presents today. He got (amongst others!) lego police station, Indiana Jones lego, Dr Who figures, Ben 10 omnitrix, radio control subaru, Man Utd football and some science experiments. He was thrilled with the football which Rachael gave him. This is his reaction to opening it.....................

It's not often he gives out hugs and kisses so I think Rachael was taken a bit by surprise there!

Colin and I were up until 1.30am making the lego police station. The instructions were really clear but there was just so much of it. We hid it behind the curtains and got Luke to open them after he opened all his presents...........he was VERY surprised and absolutely thrilled with it. The most exciting bit (apparently) is the fact that the prison cells have little toilets in them. Well, I suppose he is a 6 (almost 7) lad and anything to do with bodily functions is great!!

The cats are going to the vet this afternoon. Over the last couple of weeks they have both started spraying. We are hoping that getting them castrated will do the trick otherwise we may have to consider either one or both of them being rehomed - there is only so much cat pee we can put up with! As they have taken to doing it on the kids beds and toys it has become a bit of a health risk. Everyone is really upset that the cats may have to go although apparently the children are happy to have a hamster instead!

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