Friday, 28 March 2008

Swimming update

Luke got his 100m badge and certificate yesterday. He was dead was I! He has always struggled with breaststroke but since he has seen his sister breathing every stroke, he has started doing that too which seems to have made it easier for him. He did it really easily.

More swimming - today Rachael had Section B of her silver to 800m swim doing 400m on her back and 400m on her front. She astounded me with this! She went off really quickly and I thought she would never be able to keep the pace up. She did though. When she finished she was over a length ahead of the 2nd person and 6 lengths ahead of the slowest person. One of the boys in the group didn't turn up today so I imagine he must have failed the first part. Rachael has got her name down for doing the gold in the next holidays so we will see how she feels about doing that nearer the time. Although I am really proud of her for getting her silver, I don't want to push her into gold unless she really wants to do it.

Moving on to cross stitching! I had a lovely stashy post day today. I got 4 Stitching Shed charts (which have no colour key so I need to email them), a bleu de chine chart, 2 Barbara Ana charts and 6 Calico Crossroads charts. These are all from a gift certificate that I received for Christmas. I am going to be really good and put them away until I finish a few of my WIP's/UFO's.

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